Your home may not be just dirty, it could be infested. Algae, mold and moss can contaminate any of the exterior surfaces of your home. This may increase health risks plus its just simply looks bad. Don’t waste precious water resources and cause irreversible damage by using a pressure washer. Element SoftWash it! We will sanitize and completely kill all the algae, mildew and moss making your home look better and your family feel better.

Our slogan is “Relax, we don’t use pressure” and we mean it. Our sales staff will not pressure you into anything, our employees will not put you under pressure and best of all, our products do not require pressure! We use biodegradable phosphate free sanitizing solutions to save your house and your environment.

Element Softwash is a local pacific northwest company that is connected with a national group of Authorized professional soft washing companies. Its the power of our national network that brings the absolute highest quality cleaning and restoration to your home.

You can be rest assured that we will do a great job and will be in and out of your home before you know it.

Our promise to make this project a great experience for you is guaranteed.

Four Reasons to Element Softwash

  • The lifespan of any surface, whether painted, rock, or wood will be increased! Algae is a decomposer and this means when its alive and green its causing damage.
  • It will save you money in the long term! Algae and moss are damaging the roof  materials. This leads to premature costly replacements.
  • Mold and Mildew can increase respiratory problems such as asthma. Softwash methods are not mold remediation, however they will completely kill any biological organisms growing on the building which gives you a cleaner home environment.
  • It will stop you from being fined. HOA groups can fine homeowners for dirty and mossy roofs and homes. Some insurance companies may even cancel policies for infested roofs.